All About Sparsh Aerobotics

At Sparsh Aerobotics, We develop industrial cleaning drones for labor-intensive and high risk jobs. Our aim is simple. To provide our customers with a safer, faster, and smarter alternative to traditional cleaning methods.
We are Asia’s first company to use drone for cleaning of high rise building and structures.

Our Services


Our Espionage is mounted with high optical, long range and ultra smart camera lenses to focus and trap targets without missing. Promises to give services to domestic as well as National level. These drones are efficient enough to focus in the crowd with ease of human comfort. Drones will be a great asset to the defence sector, Emergency response, disaster relief and land mapping in the agricultural sector.

Inspection: (D-Cop)

Inspecting a huge wind turbine or a large machine that looks dangerous for human lives, still needs to be taken care of. Why worry now? Our drones, with accurate size and are efficient enough to collect data and reach back to us without any loss to human lives. It has a high response to threat and gives output information sufficient to take action for the welfare and proper management of industries.

Traffic Management: (D-Cop)

Traffic has always been a cause of delayed work and services provided. Here, Sparsh Aerobotics provides facilities to traffic management of vehicles in major cities and screen the cause. High endurance and flight timed drone with precise camera will eagle out the cause and help in better administration.

Forest Conservation:

Jetric, a drone to be the guard of wildlife conservation. Introducing the very own autonomous drone to scan and collect data of forest measurement reducing the risk of animal invasion and saving time. Using LiDAR technology makes it promising and gives accurate data.

Archaeological Survey:

Historical and mining sites are quite a challenging task. We give solutions to this by providing high sensors and inspecting drones that can detect and conduct surveys on its own without the need of humans at the site. Our drone Antiquity, can be beneficial in fieldworks, aerial photography, monitoring sites and presentation and interpretative displays. Capture of still and video imagery allows both real-time and off-site analysis.

Cleaning and Painting:

Wjet drone, An Unmanned Aerial System to ease the heavy task of humans. We give the facility of cleaning giant towers or buildings that are risky to work on.Wjet drone with its powerful motors can reach that heights and clean/paint directed area and also show results to users on the ground base. This ease in work is just impeccable and extra effective.